GESS817 Luxury Massaging Cushion


GESS817 Luxury Massaging Cushion by Gess brand is perfect for those who want to enjoy the flexibility of fitting their relaxation time around their busy day and in the ease and privacy of their own homes. This Shiatsu massage cushion prevents back pain and stiffness and instantly relaxes your muscles and body.

To meet the needs of different people, it is designed with removable buffer cloak on neck and back part. It features different massaging functions such as Shiatsu deep kneading, vibration massage, rolling massage, therapeutic heat, etc. Its side air pressure massage mode can relax you more. If you stop using it, the back massage nodes and both sides of the airbag will automatically return to its original state. It removes your fatigue and relaxes the muscles of your neck, back, lumber and lateral thigh.

This package includes a massage cushion, a home adapter, a buffer cloak and owner’s manual.
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