Lanaform LA110506 Beige Massage Chair


Multi-functional and technologically advanced, Lanaform LA110506 Beige Massage Chair is a perfect addition to any home.

Equipped with automatic massage modes, this chair thoroughly works on your body and muscles by using its 5 different types of massage therapies such as Shiatsu, petrissage, beating, tapping and rolling. It provides you complete relaxation and deep massage experience. It gives your muscles a thorough, soothing massage by reducing tiredness, easing pain and relaxing muscular tension. This chair is designed with a quiet massage mechanism using four rollers that move up and down the back.

It is available in beige and black colours. To make your experience more comfortable, it comes with a variety of accessories. It features protective cushion, easy-to-use control panel, armrest, adjustable leg and footrest, adjustable back cushion, air cushion for your arms, jade stone heating system, mini-shelf, headphones, MP3 player, etc.

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