Purchasing a massage chair is a significant investment that should not be taken lightly. In fact, to get the right massaging chair, a lot of thought is needed to be put and a number of different factors have to be considered.

Buying the right massaging chair would mean relief is on your schedule, whether you require a massage once a day or once in a week. You can enjoy the relaxation and comfort along with various health-boosting benefits whenever you need them the most. Moreover, if you consider the broad range of benefits that a massage chair provides for your overall well-being, it will be worth spending every penny. It not only helps your muscles get relief from tension but has also proven to help alleviate chronic pain, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, joint issues, and many similar problems. A zero gravity, heated or Shiatsu massage chair is an investment for your health, which is why you should purchase one with great care.

Factors to Consider
First and foremost, it is essential to consider the overall cost. Usually, the cost of a high-end massage chair ranges from £1200 to £7000. If you visit a masseuse or a therapist for your massage, the visit is most likely to cost you somewhere between £30 and £150 per hour. To attain the same therapeutic benefits as from a daily session in a chair, you would need multiple visits in a month. Also, add to the cost the rising gas prices and the inconvenience of driving to and from the massage parlour. If the cost of a massaging chair is preventing you from buying one, think about the convenience of getting a full therapeutic machine in the comfortable environment of your home.

Finding and getting an inexpensive chair seems more tempting because of the lighter price tag, but it is important to know that the chair will be significantly less sophisticated as compared to its more advanced counterparts. So let’s see the most popular types:

Reclining Massage Chairs
These look like recliners and work in the same way as well. You can put them in your living room depending on the material of the chair; for instance, a leather reclining chair can easily fit with other furniture. They usually cost a bit more than the non-reclining ones because of the size and additional benefit. Reclining massage chairs also come in various styles and have different degrees of reclining. While some of them only allow the user to put their feet up a bit, others can help you lay completely backward. Before purchasing one, make sure you have enough room in your house, as it tends to consume a lot of space.

Zero Gravity Chairs
These chairs allow the user to recline and get a great massage as well as offer a zero gravity feature, which mimics the position used by astronauts when they go to space. They completely support the body and relieve the pressure from your joints and back. However, the chairs with zero gravity feature are made with the highest quality which makes them very highly priced, so if you are on a budget, this one is not for you.

Full Body Massage Chairs
If you are looking for an inexpensive chair, you will find this type more suitable as it does not cost much. For a very good massage, you want something that could work on the whole body and on all the major muscle groups. These chairs make the massage more effective as well as more enjoyable. When you are purchasing a full body massage chair, make sure you see how the footrests and armrests work as they help knead away all the tension and pain in the body.

Ottoman Massage Chairs
Usually, these are going to be the ones that you will find when you are on a budget as they focus more on just the neck and back and are not as comfortable for the whole body.

Heated Massage Chairs
While the massage part is crucial to release all your tension, it would be great if the chair has a heating feature as well. There are several chairs, both on the low and high end of the spectrum, that offer warmth. This feature may not seem very important, but it can be significantly beneficial to the joints and muscle and can also make the massage much better. Some chairs have the heating feature only on the back to reduce back pain, while others can work on shoulders and other areas as well.

Many people are aware that the strength of the massage is one of the most crucial aspects of any massaging chair. This strength is dependent on the number of motors present in the chair, where a higher number of motors means a greater degree of power. Since your body will become used to the chair over time, it is beneficial in the long run to get a chair with more options for strength. Also, several massage chairs have the option to remove the padding, which allows the user to customize the strength.

While the features vary according to the types and models of the chairs, the four primary massaging techniques are kneading, rolling, compression and percussion. Kneading is a form of motion that brings you the feeling like two hands are kneading and rubbing your back one after the other. Rolling refers to the pressure that you are made to feel on the sides of the spines. Compression emulates the same feeling as a person pressing the sides of your spine and the back. Lastly, percussion involves imitating rapid tapping of a human fist on your back.

For most massage chairs, the preferred choice of upholstery material is genuine leather, but you will also notice that several technologically advanced and high-end chairs are synthetic. Since the amount of heat and movement that your massage chair will generate needs to be tolerated under a daily basis, the synthetic fabrics are ideal. They are engineered to resist the heat as well as the wear and tear while making sure the massage chair will last for a long time.

Any massage chair that you purchase should be able to run smoothly and efficiently despite frequent use. When looking for a chair to buy, make sure you look into the type and length of warranty that the manufacturer offers. Good warranties should always be your priority.

Shiatsu Massage
When talking about massage and massaging chairs, it would be great to know about shiatsu massage as well. It is recognized as a hands-on therapy that incorporates disciplines from chiropractic medicine and physiotherapy. Involving the use of gentle stretches and manipulations, it combines the pressure movements exerted through the thumbs and fingers. You can experience the relaxation of this invigorating massage by sitting on shiatsu massage chairs.

A shiatsu massage can relax the muscles and tissues at a deeper level while offering relief from various pains like neck pain, back pain, and frozen shoulders. It helps lower stress and gets rid of migraines and headaches. As a result of the massage, various toxins are released from the body that enhance natural detoxification. Moreover, the massage therapy contributes to preventing several ailments, like disorders related to the gastrointestinal tract. It can make your joints more flexible, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress by calming down your nervous system.

Best Massage Chairs Reviewed
Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner by Best Massage
This is one of the best shiatsu massage chairs on the market that has a reclining feature. It looks very robust and sturdy and is designed to make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Within the chair, there are power rollers along with thirty airbags. This is an excellent chair for improving mobility and circulation of the legs. If you are suffering from back pain or any related issues, then this chair would prove to be very helpful in relieving the pain with its heating massage feature.

HT Massage Chair iJoy-2580 Massage Chair
This chair has a very simplistic design that makes it suitable to place at home as well as in the office. It is packed with several features to make your experience an enjoyable and relaxing one. The Human Touch Robotic Massage technology mimics the human hands and follows the techniques of a professional massage therapist. The chair has a built-in control panel, a cup holder, and removable massage softening pad that provides additional convenience. It is very lightweight and can be easily moved. Reclining this chair is easy with just a push of a button. It is an excellent massage chair for relieving stress, relaxing sore muscles, and overcoming fatigue.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair
This chair can hold you and make you feel like you are being hugged. It has the ability to locate and isolate pain points to alleviate stiffness and other ailments. The chair can recline to a zero gravity position for additional comfort. It also has a light heating feature. You can get the chair in any of the five available colours to match your room décor.